ROT000979ZY ROT000979ZY $2.50 10mm Spline Bit VW Head Bolt Tool Ribe Polydrive

New 10 mm x 130 mm or 35mm Spline Bit to Remove VW Head Bolts. M10 V3452 RIBE POLYDRIVE.

High Quality Metric Tools Not Made in China.

Fits the 1.8T 20v Head Bolts.

To use this bit, you will need a 10mm deep drive socket.

For this part, we sell 2 different versions, either color or manufacturers.

Part Number:ROT000979ZY ROT000979ZZ

0.2 lbs.

Price: $3.50

Short Product Description:

ROT000979ZY 10mm x 130mm Spline Head Bolt Bit

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Price: $2.50

Short Product Description:

ROT000979ZZ 10mm x 35mm Spline Head Bolt Bit

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Detailed Compatability Data For This Part:

Version G

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: ROT 000 979ZY , ROT 000 979ZZ, ROT 000 979 ZY , ROT 000 979 ZZ, ROT000979ZY, ROT000979ZZ, ROT000979ZY, ROT000979ZZ