VW 028130081 $340 VW Rebuilt AAZ Injector Pump Vanagon / Eurovan.

Rebuilt 1.9 AAZ Turbodiesel Pump. The rebuilt pump has at least new seals and the internal pressure and the output pressure has been tested and set. Any worn out parts are replaced.

There is a $150 core charge included in the price. When you send me back your old pump I will refund the $150.

The pump is tested on a test stand where the idle is set and the output of the pump is flow matched for all the cylinders.

For Core Refund / Return Instructions, Click HERE.

Scroll down for more detailed compatibility information.

Part Number: 028130081 028130115S 0460494444
Weight: 30
Price: $340.00 plus $150 Core Charge
Short Product Description:

Rebuilt Eurovan AAZ Injector Pump with Hub

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Detailed Compatibility Data For This Part:

Version G

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: 028 130 081 , 028 130 115S , 046 049 4444, 028 130 081 , 028 130 115 S , 046 049 444 , 028130081, 028130115S, 0460494444, 028130081, 028130115S, 0460494444

Description: Rebuilt Eurovan AAZ Injector Pump with Hub
Price: $340.00 plus 150 Core Charge