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New Product: Rebuilt Bosch HPFP.

Rebuilt CP4 HPFP

After rebuilding Bosch VE injector pumps and injectors for 11 years, we have started rebuilding the Bosch High Pressure Fuel Pumps that are prone to failure on the newer 2.0 TDI's. Pricing is set at $299 + Core. It's very surprising how many problems Bosch has had with this pump, but we can repair them to new specifications for less than the competition. We have lots of rebuilt Bosch CP3 and CP4 pumps to offer as these were popular pumps in all diesel trucks.

Newsletter 15: Rebuilt Unit Injectors Set of 4 for $399

Rebuilt Unit Injectors

VW sold unit injectors from around 2001 to 2006. Normally they are very expensive when they go out, but we can rebuild them for either $124 for 1 or $399 for a set of 4. VW stopped producing engines with unit injectors around 2007, so there are a lot of VW TDI's on the road with these injectors. While this technology has proved to be very reliable, they do occasionally cause problems. Sometimes the injectors get gummed up and stop working all together, but mostly, one injector gives either too much or not enough fuel, compared to the other injectors. Regardless of what the problem is with your unit injector, we can rebuild them for $124.

Pete Rothenbacher - Celebrating 14 Years Selling Parts for VW/Audi Cars

Pete Rothenbacher

It's now been over 14 years since I started selling parts for VW cars on the internet, and I would like to thank all of my customers over the years for making that possible. I have always tried to sell good quality products at a great price. I believe that customers should have a choice of affordable aftermarket parts as well as more expensive OEM parts. While 14 years have gone by, I am still trying to find new ways of serving the customer.